Bloody Panty Hootenanny

I find it quite telling that none of the major blood artists are women. And by major I mean celebrity attended art exhibits and guest spots on popular television shows. Well how can that be one may ask, if there is one thing women aren’t lacking it’s a constant supply of blood that we don’t have to cut ourselves to get. Oh wait, that’s right, it’s because it comes from CUNTS. Damn I love that word. Pu55y sounds prissy like she wears a fur coat (ha, you see what I did there) and if it’s one thing they aren’t it’s prissy-they fart ,they get all wet, they stretch,they can take a pounding, have a whole living breathing person come out of them, they BLEED – you get the idea, they are hardcore. And vagina is latin for some misogynist crap (literally sword sheath but eff that noise) but alas I digress. Women are taught to bleed in secrecy and shame. Hide those pad wrappers deep in the trash ladies. Don’t let them know you are bleeding. Sorry sweeties, I can smell it on your breath anyway.

For a limited time only I had this menstrual shame, lasted a couple of years I’d estimate right after it started. Thank Lilith that it didn’t last long. Maybe the vampire and witch thing slapped me out of it, but it certainly wasn’t popular culture, hell menstrual blood in commercials is still blue. Not sure what kind of avatwats (yes you read that right, it is a portmanteau of avatar and twat thank you very much) they are marketing too but I’ve never seen one that bleeds blue. You never see menstruation in film as this natural non gross non joke and not being associated with women being “difficult”. On an episode of the Walking Dead I recently watched Glenn literally suggests aloud that one of the women survivors must be ornery because she is bleeding. Really dude? Yeah really , that mindset is pervasive and harmful. How about she is in the midst of a zombie filled post apocalyptic nightmare. You never hear ; “Damn Jake is being a dick, he must need to drain his balls.”

For so many people to want kids there is so much shame and stigma surrounding the process that literally makes that even possible.Hell, I don’t even want kids and I love to bleed (minus cramps). Dudes know nothing of such a stigma, for their semen is glorified and never played for ew gross jokes in mainstream media. Misogyny, patriarchy, we know why there is a menstrual stigma but until more women say eff this and stop acting like it’s a curse the shame shall remain.

SKG still

 SKG still

Lary Love Dolley (esc) as Maya and Theo Crane (The Walking Dead) as Thurston Dixon in still from SKG,
which is currently in post-production.

Photo by JonGunnar Gylfason (Fleshlight)

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