Television Magick via TOPY

TOPY has been on my radar since meeting and befriending someone who was a member years ago when I lived in my hometown. In the booklet at the link below, the utilization of the television as sorcery device and divining tool is expounded on.


Continuing the examination of television as high-tech scrying device and tool of influence with this post. The occult origins and implications of the television are undeniable and unrealized to quite a few, even though it is very obvious. A feature length horror film that deals with messages through the television (and not the otherworldly kind) is The Signal (2007).

Phillip K. Dick Move

I’ve been having a sci fi spell here lately,
robots, new technologies, interplanetary travel.

Of course I want to see Prometheus now and it is not playing anymore.
Currently looking for Sci Fi sites and magazines accepting electronic submissions.

I ordered a custom necklace in April to be delivered by my birthday and it never showed
nor was a refund issued. Shady dealings or bad timing?

Today is my mother’s birthday and also Fidel Castro’s.
I sent her a picture of me smiling (see I knew I could do it ! ) and a custom birthday poem.

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