When you got that G.L.O.W.


This just in: My new hat is all that !!!

Did you catch that the title is a play on a lyric
from the Willie Hutch song from The Last Dragon Soundtrack, The Glow
and the infamous, legendary gorgeous ladies of wrestling ?
Speaking of G.L.O.W., I finally watched the documentary yesterday
and it was everything I wanted . Really can’t express how grateful
I am to logotv for making it available. I used to watch G.L.O.W.
as a kid and even in adulthood still watch the matches.
(Spike & Chainsaw, Hollywood & Vine, Tina & Ashley, Dementia and Ninotchka being the favs)

I did a shoot and interview a few days ago that will hopefully end up in German online magazine,Sensanostra (Saskia, the interviewer/photographer also does costuming for film and on set stills…I sense a collaboration coming !!)
Rivethead represent!. Also acted in short I wrote, “SKG” about a serial killer groupie.  I’ve also written a couple of more scripts, including one about Delphine LaLaurie, New Orleans’ own serial killing, slave torturing socialite and a vampire short, “The Dangerous Type” (<<pretty sure that is the one I want to do next!)

Audition in 2 days!

With that being said, I present to you a G.L.O.W. match


I watched the first cut of 20/40 yesterday.

Tweaked and revised two of my short scripts,

one suspense (3way- which may possibly undergo a name change) and the other a psychological horror (Calories).

I sent 3way to Jongunnar and Calories may undergo a few more tweaks

before I put it out there for visual consumption.

I am currently watching part 2 of Appropriate Adult, which is about the apprehension of infamous British serial killer couple Fred & Rosemary West.

The movie below is the Japanese film 2LDK, another dream role (either part honestly!)  Things take a turn for the terrible when 2 roommates who are both actresses vying for the same part are pushed to their limits. Warning : This film is subtitled and features women behaving violently. Enjoy !!

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