Gothic Beauty #46

Major bookstores that carry Gothic Beauty include Barnes & Noble, Chapters (Canada), Hastings, Copperfield’s Books, Powell’s Books, Book World and Sheltam Books

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Check out the Goths around the world article, featuring the interview I took part in. I would like to see the goths around the world feature continued in future issues. I’d be interested to know about goths in Nigeria, Mexico & Japan.

Lady of the Left Hand Path

I identify as a Satanist, or LHP Occultist but my most favorite term of all is one that I coined to specify my belief set, Lady of the Left Hand Path. In fact, if you google that term, one of my occult youtube videos comes up, the video is no longer available but sure enough that was I (If you are such a lady and have used the term prior to my video and can prove it, please comment. I may be a narcissist but I do not wish to take credit for something I did not come up with if you were using it first). To be honest, I’ve considered making occult & true crime videos again, this may or may not happen but I digress, back to my self appointed title. Lady of the left hand path has an elegantly evil air about it don’t you think? And elegantly evil is more my brand of darkness than schlocky Halloween like devil worship, more The Ninth Gate than the trashy spray painted pentagram camp of the Satanists in The Crow: Wicked Prayer (though I will admit the “devil food” party was a pretty neat idea) . So without further ado, here is an original poem about the title Lady of the Left Hand Path.

Beneath my steely gaze
lies the infernal haze
A vision of darkness
perfumed by brimstone
and guided by daemons

I will gladly hex those who vex
and meditate inside a crypt
wearing a veil of black lace
I reside in the realm of shadows

My sacred elixir as sorcery
I use bone dust and candle wax
to create my sigils
and keep watch over chthonic vigils

the demonic feminine resides within me
I am a woman set on the course least traversed
A Lady of the left hand path.


Firstly, I am proud to announce that ectoplasm will be appearing soon on American Horrors,  I am still awaiting confirmation of the exact date, but know that it will be a Friday. Ectoplasm also now has an imdb page and a poster there.

Secondly, after much debate as to whether or not to reveal what I am working on, I figure it is in my best interest to reveal my upcoming projects. So that in the event that someone else is working on such a project that I may change gears. What prompted this whole idea is the fact that two ideas I conjured up have now been executed by others. Imagine my shock and dismay but alas, I was not copied per se as I had not revealed said ideas to the public. I will however check out these projects and wonder how mine would have compared.

That being said I have a whole new host of deviant delights pouring fourth from my cranium; Horrorscopes will be a series of 12 or 13 horror shorts each one based on a sign of the zodiac.

I started writing the Pisces horror and other than trimming the fat I think that one is done.  I also have the idea to write a body horror about skin bleaching  and another body horror about a black female werewolf (someone sure likes body horror) and last but not least, I was given permission by a Horrorcore artist to use music from his label and I fully intend to make good on that permission (film idea: a found footage type of deal with a popular female vlogger who collects and sells murderabilia and an actual crime scene…..)

By me putting this out there, I am not giving anyone permission to “steal my ideas” as it were but more so a “here are my ideas, no one copy them” or as a “I had that idea first” in the event of some type of issue. This is not to say no one else may have such ideas , but I am expressing mine and intend on creating them.

As it stands, besides me mentioning them, I have not heard of either of my projects (horrorscopes, murderabilia collector,black female werewolf,skin bleaching body horror)  in any stage of production via anyone else.

Totally unrelated to horror but interesting nonetheless, I wrote a brief essay on Porn & Industrial music for my Rivethead blog

All the bloody best,

Lary Love Dolley

dark this matter heavy past

Customized Dickies, Sleeveless hoodie by absolutely creative cotton,slashed single strap top by Leg Avenue and boots. Photos by Ross Peter Nelson.

DSC_5209 (1)

Industrial Summer






Clad in a gas mask , *crude oil and an urban camo print bikini top, this Rivethead is ready for the brutal summer.

High Voltage

High Voltage

Photo by Ross Peter Nelson



Photo by Saskia Homann for Sensanostra magazine

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