“Throw me something, mister!”


The last float of the parade loomed. She didn’t recognize this Mardi Gras krewe; Krewe de Flambeaux. They played a screwed version of Fire by the Ohio Players. She and the other parade goers excitedly reached for the float which had flames painted on it. A krewe member took a hose and began to spray the crowd with a viscous liquid. It covered her and splashed into her mouth. Fire shot out the float’s front into the crowd. Inflamed people screamed and ran.She tried to run.Flames licked her back and melted her hair to her scalp as she fell down.

King Cake for Breakfast


A second line going past her shotgun house woke her up Fat Tuesday. She dragged herself from bed into the kitchen. The king cake sat on the counter in a plastic cake container. Groggily she grabbed a hunk with her hand. She didn’t notice the plastic baby sticking out the other end of the piece she stuffed into her mouth. She bit down on the plastic baby. As she cried out in pain,it flew into her throat. She retched and reached for the phone on the counter.Her nails scraped the counter’s edge as she crumpled to the ground.

Gothic Beauty #46

Major bookstores that carry Gothic Beauty include Barnes & Noble, Chapters (Canada), Hastings, Copperfield’s Books, Powell’s Books, Book World and Sheltam Books

Spot the Rivethead

Check out the Goths around the world article, featuring the interview I took part in. I would like to see the goths around the world feature continued in future issues. I’d be interested to know about goths in Nigeria, Mexico & Japan.

Swamp Witch






Photos by Erocktography

When you got that G.L.O.W.


This just in: My new hat is all that !!!

Did you catch that the title is a play on a lyric
from the Willie Hutch song from The Last Dragon Soundtrack, The Glow
and the infamous, legendary gorgeous ladies of wrestling ?
Speaking of G.L.O.W., I finally watched the documentary yesterday
and it was everything I wanted . Really can’t express how grateful
I am to logotv for making it available. I used to watch G.L.O.W.
as a kid and even in adulthood still watch the matches.
(Spike & Chainsaw, Hollywood & Vine, Tina & Ashley, Dementia and Ninotchka being the favs)

I did a shoot and interview a few days ago that will hopefully end up in German online magazine,Sensanostra (Saskia, the interviewer/photographer also does costuming for film and on set stills…I sense a collaboration coming !!)
Rivethead represent!. Also acted in short I wrote, “SKG” about a serial killer groupie.  I’ve also written a couple of more scripts, including one about Delphine LaLaurie, New Orleans’ own serial killing, slave torturing socialite and a vampire short, “The Dangerous Type” (<<pretty sure that is the one I want to do next!)

Audition in 2 days!

With that being said, I present to you a G.L.O.W. match

Halloween, more sizzle and a script.

I was Santa Muerte for Halloween 2012. Scary, not sexy was the goal.

Santa Muerte por vida !

Had a sickle. Lost it. Also lost the owl ring.

Fun times on Frenchmen Street, despite the the dub step street party that ensued and anticlimactic ending to the evening.

This past Sunday two other ladies and myself shot part 2 of the sizzle with Jongunnar and the burlseque dancers (Trixie Minx,Roxie Le rouge and Bella Blue) . Two impending photo shoots are set to occur, as well as shooting the last part of 20/40 (Finally! A name for the Oasis motel short)

A couple of days ago I finished a script whose conclusion had eluded me for several weeks.


Gothic Lolita


Lonely Boy Mag. (No. A-1: Alec Soth’s Midwestern Exotica)

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