Over my dead body

_MG_0011donperryStill from the set of Mike McCarthy‘s Cigarette Girl by Don Perry

Nowhere & Another Cemetery shoot

A photo shoot commenced on September 13th at St. Joseph’s Orphan Cemetery No. 2 with D’asha Zelena of Photos by D’asha behind the lens.

The shoot went well and we will work together again on another project in the not too distant future.

Yes the last shoot I did also took place in a cemetery, but it was a different one and also a different medium (8 mm film vs Photos) No I can’t get enough of cemeteries and I’m kind of slightly bummed that the other thing I’m doing does not take place in one or a similar type of environment (If anyone needs to film the pilot for “So you want to be a mortician?” or “Do you think you can funeral direct?” I want in ! )

I watched Gregg Araki’s Nowhere (1997) finally after years of wanting to view it but not being able to find it. Araki’s Doom Generation and Nowhere , exhibit a type of post modern nihilism all while remaining visually and sonically stimulating in a chaotic kaleidoscopic sense.

What Blanche said

As of July 4th 2012, I am 29 years old. The elusive Higgs-Boson sub atomic particle was also found on July 4th, 2012.

I have been writing; essays,flash fiction and articles as of late
instead of short scripts. I submitted some work to a couple of different sites so I am waiting to hear something.

I saw the Dark Knight Rises and give it a grade of D.
While I am a fan of Nolan's original work,ie, Memento,Inception,
I am not too keen on his Batman movies. Out of all the directors that have handled this franchise I still prefer Burton's Batman films.

There is a chance I may be involved with the 48 Hour film project that is happening here next month.