“Throw me something, mister!”


The last float of the parade loomed. She didn’t recognize this Mardi Gras krewe; Krewe de Flambeaux. They played a screwed version of Fire by the Ohio Players. She and the other parade goers excitedly reached for the float which had flames painted on it. A krewe member took a hose and began to spray the crowd with a viscous liquid. It covered her and splashed into her mouth. Fire shot out the float’s front into the crowd. Inflamed people screamed and ran.She tried to run.Flames licked her back and melted her hair to her scalp as she fell down.

Let the Good Times Roll


She breathlessly pushed through the rowdy crowd, looking back for the person in the skull mask with the scythe who pursued her. She was so close to the party bus she’d rode to the French Quarter in, if she could just get inside she’d be safe. A foot away from the bus she saw her girlfriends reboarding. They drunkenly waved and smiled. Noise drowned out her cries for help. Her head jerked back as the mardi gras beads around her neck tightened from behind. She was snatched into the crowd.When the crowd cleared she was nowhere to be found.

she said this day would come

Her eyes snapped open. The scent of decay greeted her.She pulled herself out of the pile of bloated bodies. The pill hidden in her cheek was spat onto the floor.The leader sat dead in a chair, loyal flock at her feet. The survivor looked out the window where the sun shone without a hailstorm of flames. Sobs rose in her throat as she tore open the front door. She ran into the front yard and fell to her knees. A police car whose sirens blared tore up the driveway. As she ran to it, a fireball fell from the sky.

how do you take your coffee?


Without warning, the boss lady walked in and violently spewed wriggling baby snakes onto the lunch table. The creatures landed on stunned employees, in coffee mugs and onto plates.  The mousy secretary watched from the corner, quietly rejoicing. Her coworkers recoiled in disgust. For weeks now she’d been slipping the poisonous powder into her cruel boss’ coffee. She’d watched her boss shift uncomfortably in her seat as she berated her and clench her stomach in meetings. The secretary slipped out of the break room as people gathered. Calmly she poured the rest of the powder into the garbage and smiled.

King Cake for Breakfast


A second line going past her shotgun house woke her up Fat Tuesday. She dragged herself from bed into the kitchen. The king cake sat on the counter in a plastic cake container. Groggily she grabbed a hunk with her hand. She didn’t notice the plastic baby sticking out the other end of the piece she stuffed into her mouth. She bit down on the plastic baby. As she cried out in pain,it flew into her throat. She retched and reached for the phone on the counter.Her nails scraped the counter’s edge as she crumpled to the ground.

Dotty’s Body


Dotty Walker had a strange fear which grew into an obsession. All her life she’d been repulsed by clusters of holes. Lotus pods,human pores,honeycombs all made her flesh prickly and her tummy sickly. Shortly after her 21st birthday she came upon the dreaded realization that she could never escape these creepy craters. They were everywhere,grossly gaping. She knew what she had to do to get over her fears. Using a dermal punch she pressed perfectly round holes into her thighs. Soon her whole body was covered in countless self inflicted cavities. She grew to love each one.

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