I watched the first cut of 20/40 yesterday.

Tweaked and revised two of my short scripts,

one suspense (3way- which may possibly undergo a name change) and the other a psychological horror (Calories).

I sent 3way to Jongunnar and Calories may undergo a few more tweaks

before I put it out there for visual consumption.

I am currently watching part 2 of Appropriate Adult, which is about the apprehension of infamous British serial killer couple Fred & Rosemary West.

The movie below is the Japanese film 2LDK, another dream role (either part honestly!)  Things take a turn for the terrible when 2 roommates who are both actresses vying for the same part are pushed to their limits. Warning : This film is subtitled and features women behaving violently. Enjoy !!

And this is what the Devil does….


There was a production meeting on Pranksgiving and I am still waiting to do

the two shoots I mentioned here, aside from that,

I have been watching a lot of films lately; Skyfall,VHS,Killer Joe, Departures,Burn Witch Burn,The Devil Rides Out, Simon King of Witches and lots more in between. I even watched all of American Horror Story. My favorite has to be Excision, a deviant delight ,the type of film that I would LOVE to do as an actress.  In addition to Excision, other films I really enjoyed discovering and watching include Alucarda (number 2 favorite from this list), Day of the Beast and To Cast a Deadly Spell.



Collaborator Cinemadona Studios has created a new music video for the artist SOL, place your eyes upon it at the link below

Until next time I bid thee unpleasant screams,

“Scary Lary” Love  Dolley

Halloween, more sizzle and a script.

I was Santa Muerte for Halloween 2012. Scary, not sexy was the goal.

Santa Muerte por vida !

Had a sickle. Lost it. Also lost the owl ring.

Fun times on Frenchmen Street, despite the the dub step street party that ensued and anticlimactic ending to the evening.

This past Sunday two other ladies and myself shot part 2 of the sizzle with Jongunnar and the burlseque dancers (Trixie Minx,Roxie Le rouge and Bella Blue) . Two impending photo shoots are set to occur, as well as shooting the last part of 20/40 (Finally! A name for the Oasis motel short)

A couple of days ago I finished a script whose conclusion had eluded me for several weeks.


Oasis-the motel, not the band

Wednesday evening through Thursday morning , I did a short that Jongunnar directed. The motel has this really neat atomic age look to it. The shoot went on until 3 a.m. The look on the front desk clerk’s face when she saw me outside in my hooker get up was PRICELESS. Pure judgement day.

I played a nameless junkie hooker who has one hell of a night, and when I say hell of night, I mean she kills two men after an unfortunate encounter with one of them (an actor named Barry). I hope for viewer’s sake that

I gave a decent to good performance. I think as an actor I always wonder, am I selling this character (no pun intended!) I have never played a hooker before (or a junkie) but now that I have I can cross that one off my actor’s bucket list.  I know when it is all said and done the final product will be edited down to a few minutes. What makes the final cut remains to be seen.


Audience Award

Freaks represent !!!

The short that I wrote , acted in and directed by Jongunnar Gylfason, “Invocate”, won the audience award at Timecode:nola ff-One- Super 8 ,which just goes to show you that you can do things your way and receive accolades.  I wore both my rosaries,the Angelina dress, my black glittery Steve Madden platforms and my white out lenses (dark mode was in full effect).  My co-star, the skull could not be in attendance last  as it was busy hanging out at my house.


Yesterday I shot, Invocate,  a 3 minute script that I wrote. It was filmed in 8mm B&W film by JonGunnar Gylfason (oh spell check, shows you what you know, his name is in fact not misspelled)

We shot in Cypress Grove, a cemetery I’d never been to.

Some lovely crypts there by the way.

Speaking of cemeteries I have a photo shoot coming up in one very soon.

In film viewing news; What am I, like one of the few people that liked Prometheus (B)?

(In the past few days I’ve also watched Savages (D+ *Ms. Hayek and Mr. Del Toro saved it from being a straight F),Bachelorette (B+), and Men in Black 3 (B)

In reading news; This yet to be released book looks interesting:

“What Are You Doing Here?: A Black Woman’s Life and Liberation Through Heavy Metal

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