she said this day would come

Her eyes snapped open. The scent of decay greeted her.She pulled herself out of the pile of bloated bodies. The pill hidden in her cheek was spat onto the floor.The leader sat dead in a chair, loyal flock at her feet. The survivor looked out the window where the sun shone without a hailstorm of flames. Sobs rose in her throat as she tore open the front door. She ran into the front yard and fell to her knees. A police car whose sirens blared tore up the driveway. As she ran to it, a fireball fell from the sky.


Lary Lary and Cult Jam

Chris Korda- I like to watch -Church of Euthanasia

Charles Manson-I’ll Never Say Never To Always-The Family

‎Shoko Asahara‎-Soshi-Aum Shinrikyo

The Family International-Cathy don’t go-The Family International

Chick Corea,L. Ron Hubbard-Earth, my beautiful home-Scientology

The Church Universal and Triumphant feat Elizabeth Clare Prophet-4 .Preamble – Great Divine Rector’s Call-Church Universal and Triumphant (CUT)

Unarius Academy of Science-And The Angels Sing at the 29th Conclave of Light-Uranius

Jim Jones People’s Temple Choir-Simple Song Of Freedom-The People’s Temple

Two Rivers Choir-You’re All I need-Unification Church

FLDS Productions-Father is my favorite friend-FLDS Productions

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