Dotty’s Body


Dotty Walker had a strange fear which grew into an obsession. All her life she’d been repulsed by clusters of holes. Lotus pods,human pores,honeycombs all made her flesh prickly and her tummy sickly. Shortly after her 21st birthday she came upon the dreaded realization that she could never escape these creepy craters. They were everywhere,grossly gaping. She knew what she had to do to get over her fears. Using a dermal punch she pressed perfectly round holes into her thighs. Soon her whole body was covered in countless self inflicted cavities. She grew to love each one.

Hot Stuff

In 1980s California, things really “heat up” on the set of a porn film. Sex, drugs & s.h.c.


The Valley 1987

The sun was high when cars started to pull up to the rented mansion in the Valley. The white mansion was surrounded by palm trees . The mansion sat atop a hill that you drove up a winding street to access . Today this mansion would be a pleasure palace. The location for the latest adult video by Screw Entertainment, known for Smashin’ Gash 1 & 2 , Mommy Queerest and Miami Spice. They cranked out videos like a sausage factory dispenses hot links. Everyone who was someone wanted to get signed by Screw. They lived and partied like rock stars. Today would be the debut of the newest Screw starlet. “Black to the Future” would be a high concept erotic production about a time traveling porn star who travels to 1987 from 1965. Platinum haired pale skinned Nadja would play the time traveling porn star. Vanity look a like Dee Luxe and the newest talent on their roster, Jackie Jean, would play her “guides” to the future. 19 year old Roberta Fludd was from a small town in Mississippi, but she had outgrown her country roots . She wanted to do more, see more and be more. She saved up some money from her Dairy Queen job and took the first Greyhound bus to Sunny California. She was dancing at the Lipstick Lounge when a rep for Screw saw her and instantly knew they needed the fresh faced, tight bodied teen on their team. Her look was all grits and gravy when she arrived but a makeover changed that. Her short espresso brown hair was now long honey blond spiral curl extensions like Whitney Houston’s in “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. Just like that she went from Roberta Fludd to Jackie Jean, sultry Southern belle.
Dee’s whip cream white 1987 Corvette with candy apple red interior pulled into the semi circular driveway facing the diamond shaped pool, Lisa Lisa from Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam cooed “I think I love you from head to toeeeeee, I knowwww.” from the stereo in the mansion. The camera crew was setting up by the pool. Nadja walked up to the car wearing a silver monokini with silver go go boots, her normally Brigitte Nielsen style cropped platinum hair had been styled like Twiggy’s sideswept pixie . She wore thick black cat eye liner and frosty silver lipstick. She passed Dee what looked like a cigarette but actually was a joint. She ignored Roberta.
” Do you have any coke?”
“None for you.”
“Bitch!” Nadja playfully pouts.
“Calm your cunt.” Dee says coolly and pulls out a vial from between her breasts.
Nadja took the vial , twisted the cap off, tapped some onto the web of skin between her thumb and pointed finger then snorted it off. A very tall man with a full on Tom Selleck mustache , aviators and a muscle shirt appears from the rear of the mansion. It was Freaky Franky, award winning smut director for Screw Entertainment.
“Just the sluts I want to see!” He chuckled heartily at his own remark. “There’s the fresh meat!”
He reaches out to Roberta and puts his arm around her, pulling her close like a brother would.
“Jackie this is Nadja, superstar super cunt, but a delight to work with just the same. You’ve met Dee. You girls will be like sisters by the time this is all over with.”
“One big happy incestuous family.” Nadja snaps back and flashes a megawatt smile bright enough to be on a Colgate commercial.
Roberta nervously gives a gap toothed grin. She goes to shake hands but Nadja waves instead.
Freaky Franky continues “We’re shooting the double dildo scene by the pool first. Jackie, you’ll do solo then we move inside for the threesome.”
He takes a toke from the joint and passes it to Robertta. She sucks smoke and tries to smoothly inhale like the others but instead ends up coughing and sputtering like a ’67 Studebaker on its last legs. The others laugh. Dee takes the joint , passes it to Nadja then heads towards the mansion. Roberta follows Dee’s lead. The open doors lead to a lavish marble floored living room with modern white leather furniture. A Patrick Nagel lithograph adorns one wall. On another wall a built in high definition stereo system blasts George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex”. The weed kicks in as Roberta stands soaking in the luxury. She wondered the price of it all. ” Come on Pollyanna, make up is this way.” Dee slapped her butt and she snapped from the daze. Dee lead her into the spacious kitchen area which had been set up like a makeshift studio and dressing room. A woman with a hot pink mohawk was introduced as Dixie, Dix for short, the stylist. Dee sits down and Dix goes to work. Dee changes into the teddy and stilettos after Dix finishes with her. Then goes up the spiral staircase. Roberta takes her place in the chair. Dix starts to clean Roberta’s face. Roberta is so nervous, her heart races and she grips the armrests of the chair.
Dix steps back and says “Calm down, I ain’t the one you should be worried about biting you.”
Roberta looks panicked for a moment and then Dix says “Relax baby doll, I’m only kidding.”
“Oh, you had me worried there.” Roberta said, her deep fried Southern twang echoing off the kitchen walls.
” Where you from, Texas?”
” Etteilla, Mississippi.”
“Detroit,Michigan. Is this your first shoot?”
Roberta nods as Dix paints her face.
“They’re sweethearts, Nadja’s bark is worse than her bite, she’s a pussy cat in a leopard print coat”
Dee makes her way back down the staircase. She starts rummaging in a black bag that sits on the counter. Dee digs until she pulls out a pink toy Easter egg which she opens and coke spills onto the counter. She scoops her nail in and sniffs up what she pulls out. She dips again and puts her nail under Roberta’s nose. She snorts and a bitter taste crawls down her throat. Dix fixed Roberta’s hair. Prince sings about rocket ships exploding and everyone still wanting to fly on Sign o’ the Times.
Dix says “Put on the white teddy and white stilettos.”
Roberta got dressed in the kitchen. The coke made her whole body buzz and found herself dancing to the music. Dix and Dee did lines on the counter. Roberta mouthed the words to the Prince song.
“Jackie, the bathroom is the first door on the left up the stairs, douche and come back down.”
Up the stairs she found the bathroom with ease. Black and white marble all over, shower big enough for 3. There was a basket of unopened boxes of Summer’s Eve on the counter. For some reason that made her chuckle, was it the pot or the coke, either way, she was feeling good. The white satin teddy with matching lace trim clung to her taut brown body. She found herself sniffing a lot and wondered if that would continue through the shoot. She blew herself a kiss with glossy lips then winked , she noticed white flecks lining her nostrils that she brushed away. She thought she saw her fingers glow. She stared at her hand. How high am I she thought. A sudden rush of heat makes her lightheaded. The floor vibrates as Ratt’s “Body Talk” starts. Did someone turn on the heat she wondered ? Curls of smoke rise from beneath her breast, her breath comes fast as she pats her chest. Her face contorts in terror. The lace on the teddy curls as it is singed. She gasps for air. Dancing orange flames rise up from her arms. Her thighs start to burn from the inside out, revealing yellow fat then red and white raw muscle. Her mass of honey blond curls ignite in one loud poof. She tries to scream but only swallows flames. She flails around wildly as fire envelops her torso. Her stilettos slide on the slick marble floor. She loses her footing and tumbles backwards into the glass shower door. The force of her body slamming backwards shatters the shower door. Shards of glass rain down upon her flame engulfed body. Freaky Franky kicks in the door, along with Nadja and Dee looking over his shoulder. The sickly sweet sulfurous smell of burnt flesh, fat and hair hits them first, then they see her. The shower door is broken, and in the shower lays a sooty outline of a female form. The only trace left of “Jackie Jean” was part of one leg from the ankle down, her foot still in a white stiletto. Franky grabs his mouth and retches violently. Nadja and Dee scream loudly. Dix backs away, mouth open in shock. Ratt blares loudly; “You make my body talk/When you’re next to me…”


Firstly, I am proud to announce that ectoplasm will be appearing soon on American Horrors,  I am still awaiting confirmation of the exact date, but know that it will be a Friday. Ectoplasm also now has an imdb page and a poster there.

Secondly, after much debate as to whether or not to reveal what I am working on, I figure it is in my best interest to reveal my upcoming projects. So that in the event that someone else is working on such a project that I may change gears. What prompted this whole idea is the fact that two ideas I conjured up have now been executed by others. Imagine my shock and dismay but alas, I was not copied per se as I had not revealed said ideas to the public. I will however check out these projects and wonder how mine would have compared.

That being said I have a whole new host of deviant delights pouring fourth from my cranium; Horrorscopes will be a series of 12 or 13 horror shorts each one based on a sign of the zodiac.

I started writing the Pisces horror and other than trimming the fat I think that one is done.  I also have the idea to write a body horror about skin bleaching  and another body horror about a black female werewolf (someone sure likes body horror) and last but not least, I was given permission by a Horrorcore artist to use music from his label and I fully intend to make good on that permission (film idea: a found footage type of deal with a popular female vlogger who collects and sells murderabilia and an actual crime scene…..)

By me putting this out there, I am not giving anyone permission to “steal my ideas” as it were but more so a “here are my ideas, no one copy them” or as a “I had that idea first” in the event of some type of issue. This is not to say no one else may have such ideas , but I am expressing mine and intend on creating them.

As it stands, besides me mentioning them, I have not heard of either of my projects (horrorscopes, murderabilia collector,black female werewolf,skin bleaching body horror)  in any stage of production via anyone else.

Totally unrelated to horror but interesting nonetheless, I wrote a brief essay on Porn & Industrial music for my Rivethead blog

All the bloody best,

Lary Love Dolley

Howl at the moon: Women,Blood and Werewolves

Tomorrow is the last day in February, which signifies the end of Women
in Horror month and I felt it appropriate to touch on not only a staple of horror, the werewolf, but something also integral to women, menstruation.
Known by such unflattering euphemisms as the rag, and the curse (just to
name a couple) The connection between lycanthrophy and the lunar
cycle is not a new concept. In films the subject of bleeding crotches
is either shied away from entirely or made out to be the end all be all
of rage inducing horror  and/or are linked with female sexuality.
Rarely do the bleeding raging women fare well in such a scenario
until they can be “saved” from themselves.

Werewolf Woman (Italy, 1976 –La Lupa Mannara) is such a film, in which a rape victim has werewolf visions and proceeds to seduce and rip out the throats of men. And while she exacts revenge on her rapists
she eventually ends up reduced to a feral state and sent away to
a mental hospital for the remainder of her life.
In Norse mythology, Gjalp(howler) a giantess
(a connection could be made with howler and wolf)
attempted to drown Thor and Loki in a torrent of menstrual blood.
Not surprisingly, this isn’t one of those tales you hear spread about
like those of Thor and Loki. About a year or two ago I  wrote
a body horror short where the quiet female lead would transform
via an unbearable pain (Dysmenorrhea) around the time of the full moon and lure men she met online then drown her suitors in, yes , you guessed it a torrent of menstrual blood.

She would wait until their head was betwixt her thighs during a certain act then
literally unleash her own river of red.
I even found a male lead that was more than willing to take
part in the fun, however someone beat me to it and made their own similar film. I saw the trailer online and feeling the ideas were too similar, laid mine to rest. My inspiration was not the tale of Gjalp (though parallels can be drawn), but primarily my own harrowing times dealing with a pain so severe as to make one feel as if they are undergoing a transformation.  I even went so far as to crib a scene from an actual experience I had and writing it into the script.
It was my own way of dealing with an excruciating pain that I was beyond used to. Over the years there have been a few films that have touched upon lycanthropy and lunar cycles  but for the most part it is portrayed as this awful affliction which causes women to become beasts. And while yes cramps can indeed be beastly the whole connecting menstruation to monstrosity goes back
to the stigmatizing nature of possessing such an attribute.
In my script however, there was no mental hospital admission,
no shining white knight, no elixir to cure her. Her power could not and would not be contained.


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