The Red Room


Naomi Hughes cradled her smartphone with her shoulder and gave perfunctory “Really?” and “Oh yeahs” as her mom went on about her cousin’s wedding. She listened intently but kept stealing glances at her computer. She was waiting on a message from “PeterPanMan”. This could be a game changer. A week ago she’d been given an assignment to write an article on the deep web. She was given 1000 dollars in bitcoin and told to turn it into gold somehow. The kiddie porn angle had been done to death and she really had no desire to watch adults fondle pre teens. The Silk Road (r.i.p.) and other digital drug markets just like it had been covered from BBC to Forbes. On a forum dedicated to the deep web someone (“PeterPanMan”) mentioned something called an invite only red room. He said he could get her in, for a price. A red room was supposed to be like a live action snuff film hidden deep behind encryption and not easily accessed. She was no stranger to dark things even on the regular web. Her’s was post 9/11 internet. Slow motion leaps from flaming towers repeatedly replayed  on your 11 inch netbook. In her adderall fueled college days she and her roommates would look at leaked crime scene pictures for hours on end but this was something else entirely. If she could break this story and give a first hand eyewitness testimonial this could be her journalistic big break. Suddenly her message monitor lit up.

“Love you ma but I gotta take this call.” She quickly ended the call and responded to the message from “PeterPanMan”   :

PeterPanMan: u got the bitcoin?

504writer: Yea

PeterPanMan: Send to my bitcoin wallet, pgp key is the same

504writer: k

She hesitated for a moment before sending the money. This could be a trick and she could lose every cent and have nothing to show for it. Or she could be about to stumble on the biggest story of her career. She sincerely hoped it was the latter. She sent 1 bitcoin which was the equivalent of 434 U.S. dollars. Now she would just wait for a special link. The link came less than ten minutes later. It was a typical Onion link which meant it just looked like a series of random letters and numbers that ended in dot onion. She clicked it and was taken to a site with a tiled picture of a palm tree and blue sky as the background that looked straight out the AOL dial up era. Type password to enter SinglesChat20. PeterPanMan had said the password was “snuffshow”. She kept the same username she’d been using around the deep web, 504writer,. She typed it and the password then clicked enter. The chat room opened and there was a panel on the side with chatters and a panel beside it with a webcam icon.

MistressHz: Show starts in 5 ! Hope you will be enjoying show very much.

PeterPanMan: can’t wait ! been thinking about this all day !

TedBundyjr: You and me both bro !!!!

MissMayhem: silly boys lol are you a silly boy too 504writer?

mrpresident: no way this is going to be real.

TedBundyjr: I vote for a bitch to get tortured next time have one in mind my ex lol

504writer: I’m a girl actually.

In the 5 minutes the guys talked about bitcoin and fake red rooms as Naomi just casually observed and made some notes. At the 5 minute mark the webcam started. The room had white walls and clear plastic hung from the walls and covered the floor and chair. There was a man wearing black briefs, a black collar with a silver slave ring big enough to stick several fingers through and a gas mask. His hands were tied behind his back. A statuesque woman in a white latex catsuit with a red corset over it, her boots ,gloves and mask were also white. The mask  had eye and mouth hole openings stood before the camera typing: Heavy black rimmed eyes and big red lips is all you could see of her face.

MistressHz is typing…

MistressHz: Make request for bitcoin only

MistressHz grabbed gas mask man by the chin and slapped him hard across the face with an open palm. She kneed him in the gut. She then walked offscreen and came back pushing what looked like a medical cart with wheels. The top of it held objects which she held up to the camera. A small chainsaw, a blow torch, a scalpel, a power drill and a meat cleaver and multi colored stick pins. Naomi shuddered and told herself none of this was real. Then a message flashed in the chat.

TedBundyjr has sent 1 bitcoin

TedBundyjr: Power drill to the knee

Without missing a beat MistressHz grabbed the drill , the masked man sat looking straight ahead. MistressHz depressed the button and the drill made a whirring sound. She took the drill and pressed it into the man’s knee. The man screamed as the drill bore a bloody hole into his bone through his flesh. Naomi sat upright in her chair.

TedBundyjr has sent 1 bitcoin

TedBundyjr: power drill to the other knee

MissMayhem has sent 2 bitcoins

MissMayhem: Lets make this really fun with some cock and ball torture shall we?

MistressHz took the drill and went into the other knee. Again the man cried out in pain. She slapped his face hard and he started to whimper.Then she picked up the pins from the jar, she made the masked man stand up , his crotch the central focus in the webcam lens. She forcefully placed his hands on his crotch. Knowingly he grabbed his shaft,  MistressHz took some of the pins with multicolored pin heads and proceeded to stick them in through the glans, making the head of his penis look like a gruesome pop art penile dandelion. When she was done the man held it before the cam then MistressHz proceeded to pull out each pin. Which in turn caused a small geyser of blood to spray from each hole. The blood splashed on her white latex gloves, on his thighs and belly. She smeared it all over. Naomi sat eyes glued to the screen. Her phone rang, she glanced at the caller id. It was her friend Jess. Jess would have to wait.

mrpresident has sent 2 bitcoins

mrpresident: use the scalpel on his nose make it brutal

TedBundyjr: sadistic…I like it

MissMayhem: The bloodier the better

PeterPanMan: u look so HOT Mistress !!

MistressHz grabbed the slave by his ringed collar and brought him to his knees in front of the camera. The man shook his head and protested as she removed the mask from the man’s face.

His eyes were wide, wild and dilated. Naomi instantly knew he was high on some kind of stimulant. She took some more notes. MistressHz held the man’s head , took the scalpel and with all the fanfare of slicing butter she lopped off his nose. Bright red blood poured down his face and he started to lose his color. Nasal bones were exposed. Blood splashed onto her catsuit. Naomi’s stomach turned inside itself. this was all too real.

The cruel requests came fast after the amputation, as if each person was trying to outdo the last in terms of torture

PeterPanMan: rub his blood all over u

TedBundyjr: burn off his body hair with that torch !!

mrpresident: cut off a chunk of his chest with the chainsaw

The woman in white latex did as she was paid to do without a hint of emotion or hesitancy. His hairs were lit and burned then she stomped out any that continued to burn. The chainsaw blade tore through his pectoral, the meat falling in his lap like a deli slice. MistressHz held up the fleshy chunk and wiggled it at the camera before tossing it aside like trash. It hit the tarp covered wall with a splat and left a red mark as it slid down. Naomi couldn’t get over how much blood came out. In between requests MistressHz made sure to kick, choke, punch and slap the man’s face and legs. Each vicious kick made his drill holed knees bleed more. Naomi was the only one who’d not put in a specific request. She could hardly even believe what was happening but she didn’t want to appear as suspicious or not into it, after all she did pay over 400 dollars to watch this live torture feed. How far was she willing to go? Wasn’t this a crime ? No way she assured herself, so what this guy likes to get high and be tortured , while it was extreme it was no crime…right? Finally Naomi jumped in with a request. She spent her last bitcoin and knew she’d better make it good, as it was her only chance to participate besides just watching. Slowly she typed out her request. One word, all caps.

504writer has sent 1 bitcoin

504writer: CASTRATE

PeterPanMan: whoa thats fucked up…i like how you think I’m in

PeterPanMan has sent 1 bitcoin

mrpresident has sent 3 bitcoins

MissMayhem has sent 5 bitcoins

TedBundyjr has sent 2 bitcoins

Now here is where she awaited some sleight of hand or obvious special effects makeup or for the camera to “mysteriously” lose the feed. There was no way – no way in hell she’d actually do that right? The mistress grabbed the cleaver and made the obviously visibly shaken man stand. She brought over the rolling tray and forced his briefs down. Instinctively the man’s hand went to cover his privates. The Mistress shook the cleaver at him and he started to shake and cry. She held the cleaver up to the man’s throat and he reluctantly moved his hands. The mistress grabbed his testicles and laid them on top of the tray right before the camera. She lifted the blade and brought it down with the efficiency of a butcher. Jets of blood started to squirt. The man’s eyes rolled back and he slumped to the ground. The mistress help up the bloody scrotal sac up to the camera. She turned it inside out so that the pinkish-grey testicles covered thin red veins plopped out of the sac and into the palm of her bloodied gloved hand. The man screamed and writhed on the ground , he tried to use the wall to pull himself up as a torrent of blood ran from between his legs. “Please help-help meee!” The man screamed in an accent that could have been German. MistressHz went over to the man and kicked him repeatedly about the head until the screaming ended then she stopped the feed.. The panel with the webcam went back to just showing a webcam icon.

MistressHz has left chat

PeterPanMan has left chat

mrpresident has left chat

TeddBundyjr has left chat

MissMayhem has left chat

Naomi sat too stunned to move. What did she just do ? Why did she take part in that ?

She felt sickened at herself, this was far beyond watching crime scenes that happened to others, she just participated in this, she was virtually an accomplice. She pictured the FBI coming, the news getting wind of the story; journalist plays video voyeur to sadistic torture murder. Shakily she quickly started deleting any evidence of what she’d just taken part in. The screaming castrated man who gushed bloods from his privates kept replaying in her mind. She needed a shower, but even then she thought it might not be enough to wash away what she had seen. What she had taken part in.  And the bright red gushes of blood spraying all over. The ease at which she’d requested his mutilation unsettled her.This wasn’t a game but she’d played it like it was and now she wondered what price she’d really have to pay…
504writer has left chat

The Dinner Guest


Her eyes snapped open as she felt her body rock violently. Was someone shaking her awake? How long had she been out ? It must have been the champagne she had to sip as she waited in a silk kimono after she took her cool shower where she bathed with special soap.

She’d never served as a human sushi bar before or Nyotaimori as it was called in Japanese but it seemed like an easy gig and she needed the money. Her small afro was adorned with exotic fragrant flowers and she was laid down on a table where large glossy green leaves covered her privates and an assortment of sushi rolls and sashimi placed atop them. All the attention and primping made her feel like something special. She lay and wait as the well dressed guests of different ethnicities filed into the penthouse. This is going to be the easiest 500 dollars I’ve ever made she thought to herself gleefully.

Now she went to lift her head but it felt like it weighed one hundred pounds. Her mouth was dry save for a tangy taste that coated her tongue.She lightly smacked her flaky cracked lips together and knew what she tasted was blood. All around her voices buzzed. A woman stood over her with chopsticks prone, she reached down and lifted a piece of sashimi off. She admired the red sliver of jiggling raw flesh the tossed her head back, spread her lispticked lips and dropped it into her mouth. The sushi chef who was standing at her legs came to her side. He sharpened his knife and glared at her.

“What time is-” before she could finish her question the chef plunged the knife into her side,

she felt the rush of cold hard sharp steel entering her, tearing through flesh along the way.The knife’s entry caused an eruption of blood to flood her throat and spill out her mouth. She gagged, turning her head so the blood dribbled out.He deftly pulled the blade out and began to make a rapid chopping motion to her side.

Suddenly all the guests at the party surrounded her holding their plates with a look of hunger in their eyes. One man in a pin striped suit licked his lips. A wave of nausea washed over her as she lifted her head as much as she could. She saw that her left leg had been defleshed below the knee and shiny white shin bone was exposed. Now the chef was lifting slivers of her side and distributing them to guests who slurped them down. “Exquisite!” remarked one guest as she dabbed at her bloodied mouth with a white napkin. The guests poked her with chopsticks “I’ve always wondered about the breast meat myself.” A woman with a close cropped cut in suspenders said as she used chopsticks to pinch and pull her nipple. The girl went to lift her hand to swat the woman away but her hand just laid limply on the table.

“Please- don’t- do this help me” she cried out only to be ignored and smiled at. She wanted with everything in her might to leap off the table, to take the chef’s knife and start swinging at these fashionable freaks, lopping off ears, limbs, fingers, noses- whatever the knife could get close to. In reality she was at these bastards mercy as she could hardly move any part of her body.

Her mind flashed back to the hostess of the party encouraging her to drink more champagne. She’d been drugged and now whatever she’d been given was wearing off and her leg seared in white hot pain. Her heart raced and could be seen crashing against her ribs in a frenzy. Let this end soon oh please I can’t take this . What will they do with my bones? Make broth? She retched at the thought of being boiled and reduced to stock and them slurping her up.

A woman with long red hair approached holding chopsticks and plunged them into her eye socket.They made a crunched squish as she jabbed past the nerves and behind the eye. The girl’s body shook uncontrollably as the woman scooped the eye ball up and out, red nerves dangling.The woman popped the whole eyeball in her mouth and chomped down on it, vitreous humor squirted out and dribbled down her chin. The girl screamed in pain until her voice cracked.

Then everything went black.

Bloody Panty Hootenanny

I find it quite telling that none of the major blood artists are women. And by major I mean celebrity attended art exhibits and guest spots on popular television shows. Well how can that be one may ask, if there is one thing women aren’t lacking it’s a constant supply of blood that we don’t have to cut ourselves to get. Oh wait, that’s right, it’s because it comes from CUNTS. Damn I love that word. Pu55y sounds prissy like she wears a fur coat (ha, you see what I did there) and if it’s one thing they aren’t it’s prissy-they fart ,they get all wet, they stretch,they can take a pounding, have a whole living breathing person come out of them, they BLEED – you get the idea, they are hardcore. And vagina is latin for some misogynist crap (literally sword sheath but eff that noise) but alas I digress. Women are taught to bleed in secrecy and shame. Hide those pad wrappers deep in the trash ladies. Don’t let them know you are bleeding. Sorry sweeties, I can smell it on your breath anyway.

For a limited time only I had this menstrual shame, lasted a couple of years I’d estimate right after it started. Thank Lilith that it didn’t last long. Maybe the vampire and witch thing slapped me out of it, but it certainly wasn’t popular culture, hell menstrual blood in commercials is still blue. Not sure what kind of avatwats (yes you read that right, it is a portmanteau of avatar and twat thank you very much) they are marketing too but I’ve never seen one that bleeds blue. You never see menstruation in film as this natural non gross non joke and not being associated with women being “difficult”. On an episode of the Walking Dead I recently watched Glenn literally suggests aloud that one of the women survivors must be ornery because she is bleeding. Really dude? Yeah really , that mindset is pervasive and harmful. How about she is in the midst of a zombie filled post apocalyptic nightmare. You never hear ; “Damn Jake is being a dick, he must need to drain his balls.”

For so many people to want kids there is so much shame and stigma surrounding the process that literally makes that even possible.Hell, I don’t even want kids and I love to bleed (minus cramps). Dudes know nothing of such a stigma, for their semen is glorified and never played for ew gross jokes in mainstream media. Misogyny, patriarchy, we know why there is a menstrual stigma but until more women say eff this and stop acting like it’s a curse the shame shall remain.




Watch “The Butcher”

larybutcherhands(Still from Filmbalaya’s “The Butcher”)

The short horror film that I was in, The Butcher, premiered last weekend ( I was there yay!) Watch it here now and keep your eyes and ears peeled for my appearance and subsequent terrified pleas.

Sweet Screams,




The wetter the better

The wetter the better

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