Fame freaks me out

Fame freaks me out, like really freaks me out. Strangers running up to you in public to hug or touch you. Random people tracking down your address or where you will be and camping out to get pictures or close to you physically. The thought of Paparazzi unnerves me.  People obsessively picking away at your every move and behavior, copying your style and such. Being a role model all seems like such a burden and chore. I can not fathom it. I do not want to make films to get a huge following or to be popular , I just want to express myself creatively.

Scared straight for snatches

no one can convince me that pregnancy and childbirth are nothing short of full on body horror. Perhaps my tokophobia (google it) engenders in me a different perspective on this and my thoughts on it are in the minority, but I don’t get how someone could voluntarily want to do that to themselves or others. Childbirth videos to me are like scared straight for snatches. Foreign host takes over and invades your body feeding off your life force? check . ┬áThe expelling of bodily fluids, waste and gore, check. Miracle of life my a55.

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