“Throw me something, mister!”


The last float of the parade loomed. She didn’t recognize this Mardi Gras krewe; Krewe de Flambeaux. They played a screwed version of Fire by the Ohio Players. She and the other parade goers excitedly reached for the float which had flames painted on it. A krewe member took a hose and began to spray the crowd with a viscous liquid. It covered her and splashed into her mouth.¬†Fire shot out the float’s front into the crowd.¬†Inflamed people screamed and ran.She tried to run.Flames licked her back and melted her hair to her scalp as she fell down.

Let the Good Times Roll


She breathlessly pushed through the rowdy crowd, looking back for the person in the skull mask with the scythe who pursued her. She was so close to the party bus she’d rode to the French Quarter in, if she could just get inside she’d be safe. A foot away from the bus she saw her girlfriends reboarding. They drunkenly waved and smiled. Noise drowned out her cries for help. Her head jerked back as the mardi gras beads around her neck tightened from behind. She was snatched into the crowd.When the crowd cleared she was nowhere to be found.

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