The Dinner Guest


Her eyes snapped open as she felt her body rock violently. Was someone shaking her awake? How long had she been out ? It must have been the champagne she had to sip as she waited in a silk kimono after she took her cool shower where she bathed with special soap.

She’d never served as a human sushi bar before or Nyotaimori as it was called in Japanese but it seemed like an easy gig and she needed the money. Her small afro was adorned with exotic fragrant flowers and she was laid down on a table where large glossy green leaves covered her privates and an assortment of sushi rolls and sashimi placed atop them. All the attention and primping made her feel like something special. She lay and wait as the well dressed guests of different ethnicities filed into the penthouse. This is going to be the easiest 500 dollars I’ve ever made she thought to herself gleefully.

Now she went to lift her head but it felt like it weighed one hundred pounds. Her mouth was dry save for a tangy taste that coated her tongue.She lightly smacked her flaky cracked lips together and knew what she tasted was blood. All around her voices buzzed. A woman stood over her with chopsticks prone, she reached down and lifted a piece of sashimi off. She admired the red sliver of jiggling raw flesh the tossed her head back, spread her lispticked lips and dropped it into her mouth. The sushi chef who was standing at her legs came to her side. He sharpened his knife and glared at her.

“What time is-” before she could finish her question the chef plunged the knife into her side,

she felt the rush of cold hard sharp steel entering her, tearing through flesh along the way.The knife’s entry caused an eruption of blood to flood her throat and spill out her mouth. She gagged, turning her head so the blood dribbled out.He deftly pulled the blade out and began to make a rapid chopping motion to her side.

Suddenly all the guests at the party surrounded her holding their plates with a look of hunger in their eyes. One man in a pin striped suit licked his lips. A wave of nausea washed over her as she lifted her head as much as she could. She saw that her left leg had been defleshed below the knee and shiny white shin bone was exposed. Now the chef was lifting slivers of her side and distributing them to guests who slurped them down. “Exquisite!” remarked one guest as she dabbed at her bloodied mouth with a white napkin. The guests poked her with chopsticks “I’ve always wondered about the breast meat myself.” A woman with a close cropped cut in suspenders said as she used chopsticks to pinch and pull her nipple. The girl went to lift her hand to swat the woman away but her hand just laid limply on the table.

“Please- don’t- do this help me” she cried out only to be ignored and smiled at. She wanted with everything in her might to leap off the table, to take the chef’s knife and start swinging at these fashionable freaks, lopping off ears, limbs, fingers, noses- whatever the knife could get close to. In reality she was at these bastards mercy as she could hardly move any part of her body.

Her mind flashed back to the hostess of the party encouraging her to drink more champagne. She’d been drugged and now whatever she’d been given was wearing off and her leg seared in white hot pain. Her heart raced and could be seen crashing against her ribs in a frenzy. Let this end soon oh please I can’t take this . What will they do with my bones? Make broth? She retched at the thought of being boiled and reduced to stock and them slurping her up.

A woman with long red hair approached holding chopsticks and plunged them into her eye socket.They made a crunched squish as she jabbed past the nerves and behind the eye. The girl’s body shook uncontrollably as the woman scooped the eye ball up and out, red nerves dangling.The woman popped the whole eyeball in her mouth and chomped down on it, vitreous humor squirted out and dribbled down her chin. The girl screamed in pain until her voice cracked.

Then everything went black.

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