The Soul of a Monster (1944)

notes from the dailymotion link: A surgeon is saved from certain death by a diabolical deal in this modern variation on the Faust legend–and of course, that means there’s hell to pay for his reprieve.

(Screenplay by Edward Dein, a former member of the Val Lewton team at RKO.)

personal notes: Interesting but not surprising to find out about the Val Lewton/RKO connection, when I first saw this it reminded me of one of those Lewton/RKO films, with its strong female lead, excellent mixture of horror meets film noir and darkly cinematography. My favorite film ever is actually a Val Lewton film.

Gothic Beauty #46

Major bookstores that carry Gothic Beauty include Barnes & Noble, Chapters (Canada), Hastings, Copperfield’s Books, Powell’s Books, Book World and Sheltam Books

Spot the Rivethead

Check out the Goths around the world article, featuring the interview I took part in. I would like to see the goths around the world feature continued in future issues. I’d be interested to know about goths in Nigeria, Mexico & Japan.

13 Most Stylish Horror Villains

I enjoy fashion about as much as I enjoy horror. How has no one made such a list already compiling the most well dressed and wicked from horror films ? Have no fear, scary lary is here. Now some costumes are iconic but not necessarily sartorial, such as Freddy Krueger’s sweater & fedora combo and Michael Meyer’s jumpsuit. This list is not for those looks, this list is for excellent examples of keen expert styling.

13. CandymanCandyman– The urban legend come to life manifests in corporeal form and is clad in this very stylish signature black trench coat with brown fur sleeves and collar . Horror film and costume forums are abuzz with the question; where to find the Candyman coat? While he may beckon “be my victim”, clearly this tortured villain is no fashion victim.

12.  Sweeney Todd Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street. The vengeful dour barber with a penchant for cutting more than locks literally cut a stylish figure on the streets of London in this musical slasher film. As this is a Tim Burton film, stripes are a recurring theme in Todd’s attire. and this boardwalk look consisting of  predominantly white with thin black stripes is no exception. Never a more stylish Victorian serial killer in a musical there was.

11. Patrick BatemanAmerican Psycho– This narcissistic yuppie with a sadistic streak makes the list due to his obsession with his outward appearance which manifests in him wearing tailored suits chosen methodically with purpose. Name brands are his game and being the best dressed amid his peers is his aim. Batemen dressed to impress in his power (drill) suits.

10. Louis CyphreAngel Heart -The always immaculate and enigmatic Cyphre, was only seen clad in sharp black suits which added to his air of sinister mystery. The wealthy mystery man in his  tailored suits with dark secrets adds another chapter to the book of the well dressed & wicked.

9. Jimmy Bones Bones– This is the ballad of Jimmy Bones, one slick cat, who met his fate too soon and came back to haunt his home every blue moon. In flashbacks he sported a super fly slick 70s style in a  striped suit and satin robe while his avenging spirit cut a dashing figure in the head to toe black ensemble with a blood red tie as the only color accent.

8.  Hjalmar PoelzigThe Black Cat– Not only was he devoted to darkness, he was also devoted to being stylish as hell, pun certainly intended. The Satanic sorcerer was deco dapper in sleek black looks fit for vicious villainy.

7. Danica Talos Blade Trinity– The Hive queen was oh so bad but dressed oh so well in a modern style which exuded lady boss meets uptown glam , a highlight being this licorice colored kimono style jacket with blood red lined sleeved and an absinthe green dress with crisscross neckline

6. Nancy DownsThe Craft– While I may have looked the part of Rochelle from the Craft, it was wayward witch Nancy’s wardrobe I sought to emulate. That light as a feather scene outfit? I hunted down a long sleeved sheer top and shiny pants. This two piece shiny black set with repeating silvery-grey pattern and sheer black sleeve shirt showcased the new money Nancy look.

5. DraculaBram Stoker’s Dracula–  Even when he was in monster mode he was fresh to death (red robe look anyone?), From the red muscle suit to this stunning monochromatic Victorian suited look , costume designer Eiko Ishioka went above and beyond when styling this legendary well heeled bad guy.

4. AkashaQueen of the Damned– Belly baring bejeweled frocks befitting royalty were how the ancient Egyptian vampire Queen was decked out. Cosplayers far and wide have tried to emulate these awesome costume designs. Whether you love or hate the film no one can deny what a great job the costume designer did for this vampire queen. The copper and white look below combines the soft metal and flowing fabric with a bold jeweled collar, belt and cuffs.

3. KatrinaVamp– Silent yet stylish and deadly to boot, this literal vamp character’s costumes were made by some of the top designers of the day such as Issey Miyake and Azzedine Alaia and the metal bikini with Keith Harring body paint look during the striptease remains , to me, the best use of body paint in film to this day.

2. PinheadHellraiser– Clad in this flowing black leather frock with cut outs that connected with his flesh as if to mimic some unholy bdsm inspired look , the pale skinned pin headed one from the dark realm cut quite the stylish and imposing figure.

1 Elizabeth BathoryDaughters of Darkness– Honestly this film deserves a post all its own on due to the costumes alone, which I have considered making since so much thought went into the costume design on this film, and not just this character alone but all of the main principal characters. As this is a list of most stylish villains, all the focus on this particular post shall be on Bathory, whose Marlene Dietrich influenced style could be classified as 70s catwalk couture on a royal’s budget. The gorgeous ankle length gradient silver colored dress with tall collar pictured below caught the candle light like a disco ball and created a sparkling visual effect on film that could only be described as magical.

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