Satanic Screen: Satan’s Princess

I’d not seen of nor even heard of this film until I was on a totally non film related site and someone was selling the vhs and the title caught my eye (but of course). Not one to turn down satanic themed films, a quick google search yielded a youtube hit of the full film. I watched it this morning because I’m a sucker for Satanic films.

**Semi-Spoiler Alert Ahead**

The plot involves a missing girl, an ex cop turned detective Lou Cherney(Robert Forster), a modeling agency run by the enigmatic tattooed bisexual Monica St. James (she’s totally the devil or at least a Demoness-hence the title Satan’s Princess), a mysterious flower tattoo with dark origins, a painting by a religious zealot (Malediction- that would be a good night club or perfume name…The smell of hell is within your reach..get Malediction for that dark type in your life). This film was set in the latest of the 80s and the styling is super early 90s as is the music. Monica St. James ( played by Lydie Denier) is cool to the point of icy, mysterious, has a manservant who does her bidding and a palatial estate where she beds pawns and foe alike. From the Detective’s inquiries, we find out that Monica is a Capricorn of Canadian origin and that she supposedly died a long time ago.

The sinister siren -cum- successful business owner Monica uses people as pawns- the only person you see her seem to have any inkling of something nearing concern towards is the missing girl and even then,’ll see. She is quick to destroy those who would try and betray (such as the model/pro who tried to leave the agency and ends up getting her tits cut off in a warehouse) or come for her (the Detective) or even those who just happen to cross her path at the wrong time (the bathhouse boy toy,the Detective’s gf Leah & the Psychic). She is not above using projective telepathy to influence the detective’s mentally disabled son as a pawn against him. She is crafty and ruthless when dealing with opposition and above all, remains unapologetic about who she is or what she does even during the final showdown scene. I have a supreme soft spot for unapologetic satanic women.

Detective Lou Cherney drinks too much,is not the best boyfriend (not abusive but consumed with the past and his work, oh and he cheats. with the lady devil), but he does love and care for his disabled son and also unapologetically espouses bloody and brutal revenge when his ex partner is murdered as a result of getting involved with the missing girl case. He is above all, human and with his faults. One could actually even say that due to his stance on revenge and penchant for giving in to earthly desires and carnal temptations that this detective definitely has Satanic overtones to his character.

The film ends on a mysterious note which hints that Monica has not been destroyed completely.

This film could totally be counted in the occult detective genre along with a film like Angel Heart (there is even a line about not all black men being baptists delivered by a criminal informant who practices Voodoo which is reminiscent of the infamous “We ain’t all Baptists down here” line delivered by Voodoo blues musician Toots Sweet in Angel Heart)

I give this film a grade of C

Television Magick via TOPY

TOPY has been on my radar since meeting and befriending someone who was a member years ago when I lived in my hometown. In the booklet at the link below, the utilization of the television as sorcery device and divining tool is expounded on.


Continuing the examination of television as high-tech scrying device and tool of influence with this post. The occult origins and implications of the television are undeniable and unrealized to quite a few, even though it is very obvious. A feature length horror film that deals with messages through the television (and not the otherworldly kind) is The Signal (2007).

Traditional Witchcraft and the Occult: Television and the Layering of Black Magic Spells to Cause Confusion and Trauma

Traditional Witchcraft and Occultism

by Sophia diGregorio

The Purpose of this Article

Practical Black Magic

The purpose of this article is to discuss aspects of black magic as practiced by everyday witches and show how these methods are being used by the media to influence and enthrall the television-watching population.

Methods of Black Magic

In practical black magic, a succession of spells is often used against an enemy to weaken, prepare and “soften” him or her for a final purpose, for example, to obtain obedience or to destroy. In such an instance, the first spell forms a foundation for the second and the third attacks, and so on, against an enemy to slowly weaken or poison that person at a distance, destroy every aspect of their lives and eventually drive them out of their minds or cause their deaths due to accident or some self-destructive act.

Highly effective black magic often has a psychological…

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