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Women do a lot of apologizing and explaining their decisions. This is a fact, it is a way of life in a society with oppressive religious dogma and patriarchal standards.
Well here is one woman who will not be apologizing ever for her stance on a woman being able to choose what to do with her reproductive organs no matter what the reason. Some people think; “I accept abortion if she was raped or she will die is she carries to term.” but that is a poisoned way of thinking, how about if she just does not want to contribute to overpopulation or has no earthly desire to breed?

People use the ol’ “what if your mom aborted you?” defense, which makes no sense rationally as you are not obligated to do as others do (yes even your mother) for this is your life and you have to live with your decisions. She birthed you for whatever reason and if you have a womb it should be your choice; not your mother’s, not a male politician who will never know what it is like to be pregnant, not some bible thumping housewife indoctrinated in the ways of being a “god-fearing” woman in denial of her right to choose, not some religious text that was not written with you in mind, hell not even the man who impregnated you. This is your body. Here in the deep bible belted South, access to women’s rights to reproductive health are being stripped away at an alarming rate.

The religious agenda who claims to be looking out for the best interest of the woman in fact has no concern for the woman other than insofar as her hosting an embryo. When the woman actually gives birth then she is of no importance to those “pro-lifers” who claim to give such a damn. When said woman is unable to feed or support the child she was bullied into breeding or is suffering from post partum depression, where are all these so called allies when she is suffering (mostly in silence, for women are taught to not cause a stir and not be self serving and not look out for number one)? For many, a woman is good for nothing more than making other people and if she is not doing that or trying to make her own choices that do not involve that then she is demonized. How many women have been bullied or forced into breeding due to misogynistic religious rules, lack of support and/or funding ? People talk about bullying and high school , how about bullying when it comes to reproduction? It is an open and widely accepted practice.

Abortion clinics are closing left and right. There is government funding for abortion, but only if giving birth will kill her or she has been raped. Yes, lets make her relive her sexual assault to justify why she wants to take control of her body when someone else violated her choice in the first place. Women should not have to justify choices they make with their own bodies. Ever. Little do the “pro-choice” fanatics know or wish to accept, women have been terminating pregnancies for as long as there have been wombs. Hell, nature has been terminating pregnancies for as long as there have been wombs.Truth be told, a great deal of pregnancies end in spontaneous abortions, known to the layman as miscarriages. Time to protest Mother Nature right? How dare she ey? Pregnancy termination did not suddenly begin with clinics. The abortion industry has been commercialized and industrialized so that money could be made off the procedure but you can say the exact same thing about the birth control industry and anything that has been commercialized for capitalistic gain.

If anything, all these restrictions and closings will hopefully drive women to educate themselves and learn how to take their reproductive matters into their own hands. Unfortunately some will be in such despair and have no one to turn to that they may engage in unsafe means a la “coat hanger abortions”, this would not be the case if women’s bodily processes and options were not so shamed and hushed. There will always be midwives and wort cunning women with the knowledge and skill to assist in pregnancy terminations. They can close all the clinics they want, women will still find a way. Go protest that.

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