dark this matter heavy past

Customized Dickies, Sleeveless hoodie by absolutely creative cotton,slashed single strap top by Leg Avenue and boots. Photos by Ross Peter Nelson.

DSC_5209 (1)


Who needs gifts like rings and things? Daddy can’t say no to his little socialite, she wants a bit of nip and tuck, so here she sits  in a surgeon’s office as the doctor makes a map for incisions on her body.

Cut here on the dotted line.

Open shoulder romper by Double Zero


The Devil’s Hand

Love this film! This swinging theme isn’t too shabby either 😉




‘This is the hand of terror!’

The Devil’s Hand is a 1959 (released 1961) American film directed by William J. Hole Jr. (Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow; U.S. footage for Face of Terror) from a screenplay by Jo Heims (Play Misty for Me; You’ll Like My Mother). It was produced by Rex Carlton (The Brain That Wouldn’t Die; Nightmare in Wax; Blood of Dracula’s Castle). The film stars Linda Christian, Robert Alda, Ariadne Welter (The Vampire; The Vampire’s Coffin; The Brainiac), Neil Hamilton, Jeanne Carmen (The Monster of Piedras Blancas; The Naked Monster), Bruno VeSota (The Undead; A Bucket of Blood; Attack of the Giant Leeches).

The film features a delightfully cheesy surf guitar-saxophone-piano theme by Baker Knight. In the U.S., the film was distributed by Crown International Pictures.

Plot teaser:

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Bag Lady

The decedent appears to be a young black female  with sky blue hair who has been wrapped in a plastic bag and discarded in an abandoned overgrown grassy area. She is wearing black onesie pajamas which indicates the decedent may have be asleep and surprised by her attacker.

A black belt around her neck and visible bruising at the anterior throat suggests that the cause of death was strangulation. The condition of the body suggests that the decedent was recently killed and discarded.









Industrial Summer






Clad in a gas mask , *crude oil and an urban camo print bikini top, this Rivethead is ready for the brutal summer.

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