How Very

Am I the only one that notices how a lot of Americans get way too excited when another slavery or brown servant movie is released? Like number one movie in America excited.

I for one am not in that gleeful majority, so until that epic slave revolt film that will never happen because America still has too many unresolved issues regarding that is made, count me out.

The more I think about it,  it becomes apparent that the mainstream movie industry is not right for me, I’d rather go all Maya Deren than Katheryn Bigelow. I don’t want to make blockbusters for the masses, I do however want to create creepy little slivers of celluloid. Hollywood literally wouldn’t know what to do with me.

I started writing again on my  horror short script with the stripper lead. I’ve seen more than a few horror movies with strippers in them (1986s Vamp being my favorite-Katrina’s (Grace Jones) white body paint/metal bikini combo was everything)

but none like what I am writing.



Aria Noble’s Anal Anguish


Went to my first Southern Decadence and had a gay old time (pictured with Lucy Cypher).

I’ve seen a few movies that are new to me here lately, but the only one that really stands out as a very lary type of film was Brandon Cronenberg’s Antiviral. I have been eagerly anticipating seeing this film and it was all I wanted it to be ( I’ve never been so glad to have netflix before in my life)

(In SNL’s Stefon voice) This film has everything: pathology, anal ordeals, a stark color palette, and injections.


(I was trying to find some good screen captures of the Aria Noble character but this is literally the only one, so I will have to grab some myself)

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