Anniversary of an Interesting Event

Today is a special day for me. Not like everyday is Halloween special
but like this calls for a celebration special.
10 years ago today, I became a Satanist, a decision which
I have never regretted nor wavered on.
I felt it important to compose this post because it is not something
I speak on often, but it is my truth, and if there is anytime to
declare this statement, today is today.
Why Satanism? Why not. I walk the path least traveled because
I always have. Doing my own thing comes naturally to me.
Before I was a Satanist I was a Wiccan (starting at age 14)
and before that, I did what I was told to.
I have never considered myself to be a christian, and while I
have many qualms with christianity, now is not the time for me
to express them. This is about me, my choice, and standing
up for my choice much to society’s dismay.
In spite of all the strides we’ve made collectively as a culture, a woman
standing out from the herd mentality is still met with derision.
The facts attest that America is a predominantly christian nation
and that remains the preferred choice amongst the majority of its inhabitants.
Everyday online and in real life I see people proudly and loudly proclaiming
their “god fearing” status, and their love of jesus while I sit back
quietly in the shadows. I don’t need to shout about my Satanism from the rooftops per se,
it is what it is. I do not need you to pray for me nor pat me on the back.
I don’t need all the kitchsy bumper stickers or cheeky tshirts to slap you in the face with my choice, I do however need to say this:
my name is Lary Love Dolley, I’m a Satanist, and if you don’t like it you can go to hell.

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