I watched the first cut of 20/40 yesterday.

Tweaked and revised two of my short scripts,

one suspense (3way- which may possibly undergo a name change) and the other a psychological horror (Calories).

I sent 3way to Jongunnar and Calories may undergo a few more tweaks

before I put it out there for visual consumption.

I am currently watching part 2 of Appropriate Adult, which is about the apprehension of infamous British serial killer couple Fred & Rosemary West.

The movie below is the Japanese film 2LDK, another dream role (either part honestly!)  Things take a turn for the terrible when 2 roommates who are both actresses vying for the same part are pushed to their limits. Warning : This film is subtitled and features women behaving violently. Enjoy !!

Scam slam !!

Scammers do NOT like it when you call them out.
The industry is rife with those that would prey on models and actors alike. A scam casting artist tried to dupe me a couple of years ago to no avail
and he came back for round 2 tonight.

I received this email

Film Project <thrillerfilm504@gmail.com>
11:04 PM (2 hours ago)

to me
We’re doing a feature film in a few months, to shoot outside of New Orleans. The cast is very small, including a few major roles currently be cast out of Los Angeles and a dozen minor roles being cast out of the New Orleans area. You have the look for what is needed, however, these parts do contain some nudity. Because of this, one must be comfortable with it, along with blood and gore. If you are, and if you’re interested, please respond with the following information:
– Name
– Age
– Current Location
– Height/Weight
– Additional Photos
– Contact Information
Also be sure to include whether you are on Skype, as I’m setting up pre-interviews with people via Skype. We can then discuss more in detail if you’d like.

That is funny I thought to myself, I have heard some of these exact phrases before (“The cast is very small, including a few major roles currently be cast out of Los Angeles and a dozen minor roles being cast out of the New Orleans area.” and “You have the look for what is needed, however, these parts do contain some nudity. Because of this, one must be comfortable with it, along with blood and gore” ) via a skype chat with someone a couple of years ago who emailed from nolafilm@gmail.com
A couple of years ago it was nolafilm@gmail.com = ip address =Received: from mr.google.com ([])
now it is thrillerfilm504@gmail.com= ip address=Received: from mr.google.com ([])

ip addresses beginning with 10 are private and virtually impossible to trace.

This time however, I recognized his same speech (I have the nolafilm emails still and we chatted some on skype…until he was trying to see me in next to nothing  and I quickly called him out then he attempted to be condescending in pretty much the exact same way as seen below) in his email and I asked questions that he was not prepared to answer.
This guy claims to be the real deal but came out as nothing less than shady during our brief chat, check out the transcript below from gmail chat (no editing of any sort has been done of the following transcript) :
More ▼
me:  May I ask how you came about my email address?
Sent at 11:53 PM on Thursday
me:  back
Film:  I had it in a folder from I guess some point back when you must have submitted your information. Can you reply to the email though with all of the requested information, so I have all current information on hand?
me:  sure
what is your name?
I did not notice a signature or name
Sent at 11:58 PM on Thursday
me:  hello?
Sent at 12:01 AM on Friday
Film:  Yes, awaiting your email with the requested details. Then we can discuss. Also, I can give minor details on the project, but am first requiring meetings in person with individuals to have them sign confidentiality forms.
me:  I understand the need for such forms
Sent at 12:03 AM on Friday
me:  it says additional photos
what photos do you have of me now ?
That way I know which ones not to send again 🙂
Sent at 12:05 AM on Friday
Film:  I have a file I’ve accumulated for a while, including names and emails of people to meet with for these parts. I went through and sent out a basic email to many of them, some of which I had photos of. I don’t of you, however, which is why I was asking you to first send the requested information
me:  you can type all this but wont tell me your name?
Sent at 12:08 AM on Friday
Film:  Because regularly when I get a submission from a person and do not receive the requested and required information, I figured that if that person can’t take simple direction in doing that, they definitely can’t take direction in the film. And since your messages are beginning to sound a little on the derogatory side, I’m thinkiing I should continue on to others who actually want the role. No problem.
Sent at 12:10 AM on Friday
me:  what if I told you I’d been contacted by someone before with the same spiel except the email addy was nolafilm504 and they said basically everything you did in email except they wanted me to get down to my skivs on skype
also said the last thing you typed to me
which was this condescending well if you dont want it someone else does type of deal
same words
different email
Sent at 12:13 AM on Friday
me:  pretty eerie how verbatim the messages are
now either you are in total sync with a stranger or you are the same person
Sent at 12:16 AM on Friday
Film:  Okay, and since that has nothing to do with me, the fact that you are accusing and talking down to me without even knowing anything about me or this film has given me the decision to move on. This film is mostly financed and going into production in a few months. The lead actress already attached pending paperwork. Also, if you are submitting to projects on the internet, I’m surprised you haven’t has several experiences like that. What would you expect?  But I definitely do not have time to waste on this.
me:  found the emails !
Film:  So take care, and good luck with things.
me:  indeed I shall
going to blog the past emails i received from you as well as this chat
no need to reply
you’ve said more than enough
Sent at 12:18 AM on Friday
Film:  Not sure how I would be busted with this being a reputable production. I don’t think your critical talk of our film is going to cause any issues. Sorry. The film is pending a schedule for release later this year. So look out for it. And good luck with being so negative over your past experiences. I will say one more time, if someone is responding to posts on the internet, I would assume many of them would get frauds, as you had said. Doesn’t mean they are all frauds though. And considering the first thing you asked was if you needed to do a nude interview on Skype, and I said no, shows you really have had some bad experiences. Too bad you’ve let it harm your career though, if this is really what you do want to do, act. Doesn’t sound like it though.
Sent at 12:21 AM on Friday
me:  haha
still all this and you havent even said your name
another essay sans a name?
Sent at 12:23 AM on Friday
Film:  Because at this point, I have no interest in giving you my name or any information about this project, because I have no interest now in having you on this project. You are immature, which I have discovered very quickly. Like I said, if one can’t take simple direction in supply a few bits of requested information, they definitely can’t take direction on camera. And taking into account that I was planning to give you my name, the production name, and additional details on the film after you sent the information, seems you have jumped ahead of yourself. Now please do not write me back. It is just showing your immaturity and I do not have time to deal with it.
Sent at 12:26 AM on Friday

Film is offline. Messages you send will be delivered when Film comes online.

Pretty  defensive for someone that is trying so hard to convince

me that they are not a scam artist.

Whoever you are dude, if you are not a burgeoning serial killer or

sex slave ringleader then you my non friend  are one UBER CREEPSTER casting director.

The End.

Another Dimension

Saturday I acted in a documentary style short directed by Timothy Gaer of off-center-studios, was able to not only improvise but also create my character.

Without giving too much away I will say two words in regards to the short: another dimension.

That is all.

I recently discovered Nip/Tuck.

I came for the plastic surgery sequences but stayed for the drama. And the music.

In talks with Ophion Reels about having a horror demo reel done in the not too distant future.

I figure such a thing would be good to add to an acting website, my imdb page, and for inclusion with casting submissions.

More acting lessons and new head shots may also be in my not too distant future.

Right now however I am enjoying the eerie and oh so cheery Twin Peaks season 2

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