And this is what the Devil does….


There was a production meeting on Pranksgiving and I am still waiting to do

the two shoots I mentioned here, aside from that,

I have been watching a lot of films lately; Skyfall,VHS,Killer Joe, Departures,Burn Witch Burn,The Devil Rides Out, Simon King of Witches and lots more in between. I even watched all of American Horror Story. My favorite has to be Excision, a deviant delight ,the type of film that I would LOVE to do as an actress.  In addition to Excision, other films I really enjoyed discovering and watching include Alucarda (number 2 favorite from this list), Day of the Beast and To Cast a Deadly Spell.



Collaborator Cinemadona Studios has created a new music video for the artist SOL, place your eyes upon it at the link below

Until next time I bid thee unpleasant screams,

“Scary Lary” Love¬† Dolley

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