Lil’ Ghoul Blue


I am in serious like with this picture of myself. In fact, this is my favorite picture of me at the moment. It’s just so macabre, creepy and encompasses all that I want my horror projects to exemplify.

I  made another experimental horror short with my webcam. The title and sole character is in fact the Z word but I did not want to use it in the title so instead went with Lil’ Ghoul Blue. The title itself is a play on the early 60s song Little Ghoul Blue by Frankie Stein & His Ghouls.


Oasis-the motel, not the band

Wednesday evening through Thursday morning , I did a short that Jongunnar directed. The motel has this really neat atomic age look to it. The shoot went on until 3 a.m. The look on the front desk clerk’s face when she saw me outside in my hooker get up was PRICELESS. Pure judgement day.

I played a nameless junkie hooker who has one hell of a night, and when I say hell of night, I mean she kills two men after an unfortunate encounter with one of them (an actor named Barry). I hope for viewer’s sake that

I gave a decent to good performance. I think as an actor I always wonder, am I selling this character (no pun intended!) I have never played a hooker before (or a junkie) but now that I have I can cross that one off my actor’s bucket list.  I know when it is all said and done the final product will be edited down to a few minutes. What makes the final cut remains to be seen.


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