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The Irish House

Chan fhiach cuirm gun a còmhradh.

Last night was a call for celebrations; My boyfriend’s birthday, getting the audience award and even had a champagne (Perrier-Jouet) toast for Chef Matt Murphy’s victory on Food Network’s Chopped. A good and tipsy time was had by all. My boyfriend and I even caught the tail end of a comedy show that was happening upstairs at The Irish House.

I was in full rivethead mode in my urban camo pants, short combat like boots, black ribbed tank with silver metal links on the straps and sheer long sleeved black shirt over it, and dog tags.

Audience Award

Freaks represent !!!

The short that I wrote , acted in and directed by Jongunnar Gylfason, “Invocate”, won the audience award at Timecode:nola ff-One- Super 8 ,which just goes to show you that you can do things your way and receive accolades.  I wore both my rosaries,the Angelina dress, my black glittery Steve Madden platforms and my white out lenses (dark mode was in full effect).  My co-star, the skull could not be in attendance last  as it was busy hanging out at my house.

Death Game/Mirror Mirror

How many licks does it take to reach the demonic center of a haunted mirror ?

Did not shoot the class portion of the one thing that I was supposed to take part in today due to one of the instructors, who literally got down with the sickness.

I have been watching movies all day that I’ve never seen though like ;

Mirror Mirror (1990) B+, Death Game (1977) B, and Wes Craven’s Summer of Fear(1978) B

Girls just want to have (sadistic) fun.

Nowhere & Another Cemetery shoot

A photo shoot commenced on September 13th at St. Joseph’s Orphan Cemetery No. 2 with D’asha Zelena of Photos by D’asha behind the lens.

The shoot went well and we will work together again on another project in the not too distant future.

Yes the last shoot I did also took place in a cemetery, but it was a different one and also a different medium (8 mm film vs Photos) No I can’t get enough of cemeteries and I’m kind of slightly bummed that the other thing I’m doing does not take place in one or a similar type of environment (If anyone needs to film the pilot for “So you want to be a mortician?” or “Do you think you can funeral direct?” I want in ! )

I watched Gregg Araki’s Nowhere (1997) finally after years of wanting to view it but not being able to find it. Araki’s Doom Generation and Nowhere , exhibit a type of post modern nihilism all while remaining visually and sonically stimulating in a chaotic kaleidoscopic sense.


Yesterday I shot, Invocate,  a 3 minute script that I wrote. It was filmed in 8mm B&W film by JonGunnar Gylfason (oh spell check, shows you what you know, his name is in fact not misspelled)

We shot in Cypress Grove, a cemetery I’d never been to.

Some lovely crypts there by the way.

Speaking of cemeteries I have a photo shoot coming up in one very soon.

In film viewing news; What am I, like one of the few people that liked Prometheus (B)?

(In the past few days I’ve also watched Savages (D+ *Ms. Hayek and Mr. Del Toro saved it from being a straight F),Bachelorette (B+), and Men in Black 3 (B)

In reading news; This yet to be released book looks interesting:

“What Are You Doing Here?: A Black Woman’s Life and Liberation Through Heavy Metal

Replicant touch this


I made it through my first hurricane alone. Apparently my apartment and the place I stayed during still have power.

Is it appropriate or totally wrong for me to crank up that 90s song “I got the power” ? Don’t judge me.


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