I debated whether this story could fall under goth problems
or people that wear huge shoes problem,
but now I’ve decided it can go both ways.

In any case it’s yesterday and I’m in the quarter,
a good grown up time is being had by all.
There were a few fun stops along the way
but the comedy didn’t come until I was
descending the stairs at a two story store in
the french quarter. I’m in 6 inch black platform heels
and then it happens

I fell !

Now mind you, I didn’t tumble like a fabric sheet in a dryer
instead it was one of those spring falls that happens
where you just spring back up and laugh loudly hoping
that if anyone else saw that they are also in on the joke.

Jokes on you clerks, I so meant to fall on my butt.

Which you know I totally mean 1700% because nothing says take my stoic gothic scowl seriously like falling down the stairs in a store wearing 6 inch platforms.

P.S. and yes I know this song from The Craft ok
I see your judgement boots and you can just take them off.

Gothic Lolita


Lonely Boy Mag. (No. A-1: Alec Soth’s Midwestern Exotica)

Death becomes her


Tragedy befell her.

Sudden parental death.

Also I found out that another one of the sites I used to model for is now defunct.

In essence, it also died.

rant deleted

What Blanche said

As of July 4th 2012, I am 29 years old. The elusive Higgs-Boson sub atomic particle was also found on July 4th, 2012.

I have been writing; essays,flash fiction and articles as of late
instead of short scripts. I submitted some work to a couple of different sites so I am waiting to hear something.

I saw the Dark Knight Rises and give it a grade of D.
While I am a fan of Nolan's original work,ie, Memento,Inception,
I am not too keen on his Batman movies. Out of all the directors that have handled this franchise I still prefer Burton's Batman films.

There is a chance I may be involved with the 48 Hour film project that is happening here next month.